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What You Do In Entertainment Can Change Lives

I've been sharing these videos with you since January.  I hope they've been impacting you.  The only way for me to measure is if you "like, comment, and share" them.  When you work on a project, you don't really have a way to measure the impact your work has on others... but it does have an impact! What you do could change lives!  Here's an example of how a film changed me...

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Here's something else to consider:
When you feel uncomfortable going to a networking event and decide not to go...
When you are nervous about following up with someone and blow it off...
When you ignore the business side of the business because you don't like it...
YOU are missing out on the opportunities that could get you the work that could potentially change someone's life.  If you truly believe you are meant to do this, then your destiny is to change people's lives. 

So, what are you waiting for?  Go to the networking event. Make the call. Learn the business side... because someone out there is waiting to recieve a message from something YOU are going to work on that will change their life forever.  That's worth pushing through discomfort and fear for, right?

And if you want to so badly, but you are just stuck in your fear, contact me for a consultation or check out Triple Your Contacts Doing What You Love, for solutions to networking obstacles.
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