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Eat Pray Love vid

When All Feels Lost...

When Julia Roberts playing Liz Gilbert, hits rock bottom and is driven to speak to God, I not only felt her pain, I felt the pain of knowing a woman had really gone through this.  I felt the pain of the look of desperation in her eyes that I'd seen too many times in the eyes of my clients. But when I hit rock bottom myself, there was a way out:

It feels like you'll never get out when you hit rock bottom, but you can.  It's not necessarily easy, but you can. 

If you know someone who is at rock bottom, do something.  They may fight you, but isn't it a fight worth having? Fight for them because they can't fight for themselves.

And remember, "Every rock bottom story has the potential for a happy ending." (click to tweet
And Action!

1. If you're at rock bottom, ask for help
2. If you know someone at rock bottom, research the best way to help
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